Motion Graphics here we come!

First steps have been taken in the long and winding way to mastering After Effects. I am officially hooked and ready to work on more projects.

The animation is based on a tea and coffee packaging that I have designed earlier this year. You can see the original design here

Baker on Nassau WIP

I am currently working on a gourmet bread label project for my Packaging module. It’s moving along nicely and today I have printed out a mockup of the tags. There now remains the choice of substrate, making sure my idea of wrapping the bread actually works as well in practice as it does in my head and finally doing the product photoshoot in 2 weeks.

There are still a few tweaks I would like to try before finalising the design, but I can surely see the finish line now. November 2012

A new poster for November 2012, which commences the next 3 month series. Playing around with a different illustration style, halftone and overprint. I hope you like it. October 2012

A late update on the October 2012 poster for Playing rock paper scissors with a highlighter felt pen. Me like.


I have recently decided that it is time for another step in the shameless self-promotion game and created a Facebook page dedicated to my work.

Make sure to check it out at

It seems like a good way to reach an audience that mightn’t have previously known about what you do. So far so good.

And in the meantime, here’s my first handlettering sketch, that I have yet to work on in illustrator. I definitely need to develop some speed when doing those, but drawing letters is an awesome load of fun. September 2012

With a new month comes a new poster for the nights in Edinburgh. I have to admit I’m quite partial to the coral red. Vivid colours are where it’s at! August 2012

Here’s a poster I designed for the line up for August 2012. The lads organise weekly nights in Carters Bar in Edinburgh and run a music blog at Go check them out and sample some of the musical goodness they serve monthly in their mixes.

In situ photos of the poster to be expected in the coming weeks.

Handmade Kicks Pattern

Part of a Drawing Techniques module assignment, this pattern was meant to feature a motif of the first object that comes to your mind. So what does a person with a soft spot for a dash of oldschool choose? Yep, a solid pair of sneakers.

Done in mixed media including watercolours, markers, acrylics, pencil.

Here’s a quick preview, if you want to see the rest of the shots, please visit my Behance portfolio.

Solomon Kane, the Witch Hunter.

At long last, I got to put my digital painting skills to a test and work on an actual college assignment using Photoshop painting and my trusted Wacom Intuos4. The goal was to come up with a painting which could adorn the cover of a Solomon Kane comic book and a corresponding poster. It proved to be quite a challenging task, because it was the first time that I have worked with a monochrome painting, later coloured in using different blending mode. The digital version of the image doesn’t really do it justice, one has to see it printed to be able to fully appreciate it.

Saturday Sessions @ Ministry of Sound.

The college year has now drawn to an end and I have realised that I haven’t published a few projects that I have completed. In order to make up for that horrible oversight, I am uploading them all now.

This one here was a project from our Typography class, as well as a brief for the D&AD competition for a typographic poster. The goal was to design a series of posters for the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London, specifically for their Saturday Sessions nights, running from September to November. The provided colours are chosen by Ministry of Sound as their brand colours. I took an approach with a clear and simple grid, the circular image in the middle representing a vinyl record (obviously!) and the lines and lower opacity corresponding to the ever mixing genres of modern music.